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Wheat is majorly produced cereal worldwide. It has high vegetable protein value compared to Rice and Maize making it a quality cereal for human consumption. It is second to Rice in terms of total production tonnages used for human food consumption and ahead of Maize as Maize is more extensive use in animal feeds.

Global wheat price mainly depend on weather condition in growing area, Government Policies, Availability of substitute products, World Demand and supply conditions, consumption, seasonal cycles, carryover stocks.

Major Wheat Producers: China, India, United States, Russia, France, Canada, Ukraine, Germany, Pakistan, Australia and Argentina

Major Wheat Consumer: China, India, Russia, U.S, Pakistan, Turkey, Iran, Egypt, Brazil, Ukraine andCanada

India raises almost exclusively Winter Wheat. Major Wheat growing areas are Uttar Pradesh, Punjab & Haryana. In India wheat is a Rabi Crop. The planting of winter wheat begins in October and runs through the end of December. Wheat will usually begin to head in January, with harvest following in March and May.

Major Export Destinations from India: Egypt, Iran and Bangladesh


Wheat for Human Consumption

Natural weight 770 g / l (minimum)

Protein 15.2% (minimum)

Gluten 28% (minimum)

Moisture 14.0% (maximum)

Foreign Matter 2.0% (maximum)

Foreign Grain 4.0% (maximum)

Country of Origin India

Wheat for Animal Feed

Protein 11.5% (minimum)

Moisture 14% (maximum)

Fiber 2.8% (maximum)

Ash Content 3% (maximum)

Poisonous Seeds 0

Fat 1.8% (minimum)

We provide Quality Certificate with each shipment. Further, third party inspection can also be arranged on customer requirement.

50 Kg Packing. Packing can also be done as per specific customer requirement.

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