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1121 Steam Basmati Rice

1121 Steam Basmati Rice

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Basmati Rice shows better results in terms of aroma, length, taste once store for 8-12 months time. To maintain high quality of Basmati rice Steaming is done. To process steamed rice, steam treatment is given to paddy where paddy is first steamed and later dried. After steam treatment 1121 steamed rice give same taste, color, aroma as of old rice therefore no need to store rice for 10-12 months which involve high cost and care.

Major Overseas Market for 1121 Steamed Basmati Rice: Iran, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Kuwait, U.A.E, U.K, U.S.A and Canada.


Quality 100% pure Sortex clean Basmati Rice (premium quality)

Moisture 13% maximum

Length of Rice 8.28 mm before cooking.

Broken 2% maximum (2/3 basis)

Damaged & Discoloured 1%

Taste Sweet

Country of Origin India

Black Grains Nil

Foreign Matter Nil

Chalky Grain 6.0% Max

Stones Nil

Paddy Nil

Whiteness 38 + For White

We provide Quality Certificate with each shipment. Further, third party inspection can also be arranged on customer requirement.

Keeping specific customer & country requirement we offer woven, non woven, PP 1 Kg, 2 Kg, 5 Kg, 10 Kg (most common), 25 Kg & 40 Kg packing which ensure retaining rice freshness and aroma. We also offer quality customer branding option as per specific requirement.

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